Video poker trainer – your reliable assistant

The modern market offers a wide range of mobile applications, tools, courses and other tools for video poker. Let’s talk about what the video poker trainer is and how to use it.

Video poker trainer: tools, applications that help to win

Let’s look at the main types of video poker strategy trainer:

  • Programs for collecting statistics. They help keep track of your win statistics, lucky moves, and other important points. Examples of this category are ‘Holdem Manager’ and ‘PokerTracker’.
  • For work with boards and ranges. These programs carry out “homework” for the player. They collect and analyze poker statistics of past sessions, and then formulate conclusions about common mistakes. They can be used in real time, directly at the table. Examples of this category are ‘HoldemResources’ and ‘ICMIZER 2’.
  • Enemy game controllers. Such programs make it possible to collect information about the opponent, based on statistics for a long time. Programs also perform a qualitative assessment of each distribution. Examples of controllers are applications such as ‘NoteCaddy ProTools Pack’.
  • Supporting programs. They allow you to solve additional problems. For example, typical mistakes or carelessness and so on. A great example of such an assistant is ‘TableNinja’.

You can purchase both paid tools and free video poker trainer. Paid versions pay for their value with the received winnings, therefore they are a profitable investment.

How to win on your own

If you do not want to use the video poker trainer app, firstly, choose those machines that pay nine times for a full house and six times the size of a flash.

Secondly, while you are just mastering video poker, it is better to start with minimal rates.

Thirdly, take your time, rate the cards well. You play with a machine that will wait for you as long as necessary.

Fourth, remember that it is the jack that is the most important card in the deck, and not the ace – it is with the jack that you will build more winning combinations than with the ace.

There are a large number of slot machines for video poker (“Deuces Wild”, “Jacks or Better”, etc.). Each slot has its own payout level, so for each slot you need to use a special strategy.

Useful tips for independent game without video poker trainer

  1. Leave only a couple. With an additional card you will lose another 5%;
  2. If you can collect royal flash by replacing three cards, do not change four;
  3. Leave a winning five-card combination unless you can improve it by replacing one card;
  4. Refuse a flash for the sake of a royal flash;
  5. Refuse a straight in favor of a straight flash;
  6. Do not change all cards if you have a jack there and higher;
  7. Always leave the top ten if you intend to replace four cards.

And never forget to control your bank. Any gambling is primarily entertainment. Good luck loves those who know how to have fun.

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