Video poker games that are popular with players

Any video poker model uses the classic rules scheme. The player has 5 cards, from which you need to collect winning combinations using only one exchange. A paytable where all combinations are described is always in front of the user’s eyes.

The combinations are exactly the same as those in the card game. Some models of video poker also include Jokers, but, as a rule, they are paid much less.

Types of videopoker slots you can play

Also, depending on the features, the slot of the machine may change the coefficient of combinations, thus, some devices are more profitable for winning money, others less. Even a novice will be able to understand all this in a few hours spent in the game. The classic video poker game is as follows:

  • First you need to make a bet. Using the interface of the machine, the user bets his money and presses the Deal button (the name may vary depending on the model).
  • After that, 5 cards in a row appear on the screen.
  • The user decides which cards to replace.
  • Under each of the 5 cards there is a button for replacement. That is, if a player believes that it is impossible to collect a winning combination from the proposed series, then he can replace certain cards with some random ones.
  • Win or lose. If the combination was collected, then the user takes the money, and gets the opportunity to go to a risk game. In another case, he receives nothing and proceeds to the next installment.

The risk game mode in video poker is slightly different from the usual format in classic slots. Here, 5 cards appear on the screen and only one of them is open. The player’s task is to guess which of the hole cards is older than the hole. If he succeeds, then the last win is doubled and you can re-try your luck. The casino client loses all the last winnings on the machine. Video poker games online are a good option for beginner players.

Best videopoker providers for players

It is also worth noting that devices with video poker often include the progressive jackpot in the gameplay. This is a type of jackpot in which small deductions to the common bank come from the bets of all players. As a result, someone alone can hit a huge jackpot.

The only minus of this concept is the need to play only at the maximum rates in order to get the jackpot. If the user has a small bank roll, then it is better not to risk it and restrict yourself to a mode with minimum rates. Slots from the manufacturer Microgaming allow you to play poker with a joker.

The best casinos where you can play video poker:

  • William Hill Casino.
  • Europa Casino.
  • Winner Casino.

Free video poker games have a wide variety of features, which allows any gambler to choose the most optimal option for the game.

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