Free Video Poker is the Secret of Your Success

Video Poker is getting popular today as it provides exciting experience and lots of opportunities. Many people find it very convenient to play Poker using the digital device as playing at the table may be a bit monotonous and doesn’t provide such bright emotions and visual effects.

Free Video Poker is a special type of slots which are played on a digital console and the most common variations include Poker Classic games, Hold em, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and more. You don’t need to spend your money as such slots are free.

Advantages to Play Video Poker Game for Free

If you play for free, there are a lot of good points:

  • No risk of losing your cash.
  • Practice your skills before playing for real money.
  • Having a preview of the game.
  • Getting familiar with the slots operation, rules, features and paylines.
  • No risk of losing anonymity as you can create your account using non-identifying information.
  • The opportunity to create a free play account in order to receive notifications from the casino with further promotions and bonuses.

Generally speaking, playing for free is very exciting but gamers should understand that they will not receive any winning cash.

New Free Video Poker Slots in 2019

There is a great variety of Video Poker slots which can be played for free.

  • Dream Card Poker enables huge winning odds in case the gambler bets 10 coins per one card combination. A special dream card acts like a Wild, turning any card into whatever would be best for the gambler.
  • Extra Action Poker features additional bets. The slot is based on the basic 3- and 5-play Poker. The gambler earns extra hands if at least one ace is received. Every hand comes from a separate deck and only the aces held on the removed deal.
  • Extra Draw Frenzy Poker is based on 3-, 5-, and 10-play Poker. The Player gets a 3 of a kind, then 3 to 7 extra card combinations outcome on the draw. The gambler should deposit 1 extra wager per hand in order to enable this feature.
  • Face Card Frenzy Poker is one of the most popular free Video Poker slots which features wins on a full house with 3 jacks to aces and 4 of a kind with a jack to ace kicker. in order to use this feature, the gambler should wager 6 or 10 coins per game. If the gambler wagers 10 coins per game, the odds increase more than betting 10 coins per game. The return would be supreme if maximum coins are made per game.
  • Fifty Play Draw Poker allows to play using 50 hands at the same time and wager up to 5 coins per hand. At first cards are dealt face up. The gambler can choose the cards to be held, and such cards are automatically held in those 50 hands.
  • All in all, you can choose any variety without any money risk. As soon as you feel confident about your gaming skills, you can try playing for real money. Compare different casinos and software in order to choose the best ones afterwards.

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